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21 April 2008 @ 11:18 am
Rose Tyler Fan Fiction Recs List  
Hi. I wanted to post a list of fan fiction recs that feature Rose prominently. While I realize that 90% of New Who fanfic includes Rose in some way, most of the time, it's as a love interest for the Doctor/Jack/Mickey/MotW or as the prisoner/victim/one-in-need-of-rescue, not as the protagonist. So, I hoped to do a list of fics where Rose is the main character and hero in her own right (while not breaking any community rules.)

1. Five Slightly Contrived Settings Where the Doctor and Rose Didn't Shag and One Where They Bloody Tried by shinyopals (R) - I have a penchant for "five things" fic. shinyopals must read a lot of Doctor/Rose fanfic, in order to turn every contrived cliche on its head. ;p
The first one is my favorite, with the Doctor's Deep Time Lord Denial:
Rose pulled off her socks, tucked them neatly into her shoes under the bed and tossed her jacket over the chair in the corner. Then, barely pausing, she shimmied out of her jeans and was under the covers before the Doctor had time to get a decent look. Bit mean of her, actually.

'You gonna stand there all night?' she asked.

'What?' he said. 'Oh, right, yes, sorry.' She didn't expect him to take his clothes off, did she?

Apparently, she didn't expect anything, since she shut her eyes and fidgeted a little, getting comfy and somehow only taking up half of the bed. It still looked remarkably small for the two of them.

There was absolutely no way his trousers were coming off, he decided. He settled on a compromise of coat, jacket and tie on the back of the chair and shoes off. The rest was definitely staying. Not that it mattered, of course, given that Rose was the one freaking out while he was perfectly fine with sharing a bed.

I love that Rose is completely calm and nonchalant about the situations they find themselves in, and it's the Doctor who's freaking out.

2. Five Times Jack Harkness Never Interfered With Rose Tyler's Timeline (and One Time That He Did) by travels_in_time (G) - Oh, Jack. You haven't seen the Doctor or Rose in over a hundred years, and you're still so obviously in love with them. Also? We totally don't believe that you only went back to see Rose "just once or twice." Even if Jackie hit you in the face with a large tin, thinking you were a stalker.

3. Ghost in the Machine by Rain (LJ?) (All Ages) - Something breaks in the TARDIS's console, and Rose ends up uncontrollably jumping back and forth through time--and the TARDIS's own history. This would explain the rumor, that had circulated amongst the Doctor's old companions, of the TARDIS being haunted by a ghost, who would appear randomly from time to time.
This fic is a wonderful way for New Who fans to be introduced to Classic characters (or vice versa). More so than that, it's just fabulous fun, with some deeply touching moments, and I love Rose having an adventure on her own. Excerpt:

The bathroom door opened, startling her. A ghostly figure in a kilt walked in. They stared at each other. Rose handed him the towel.

"It´s all yours," she said.

* * *

"Doctor!" Jamie yelled.

He never used that bathroom again.

4. Man-Whores and Wealthy Women by honorh (PG-13) - In this fic *giggles* ... The plot of this fic involves *snickers* ... This story is about BWHAHAHAHAHA! ... *ahem* ... The Ninth Doctor and Jack have gotten themselves into trouble again and are being sold as concubines. The dialogue for is spot-on for all the characters, and the Doctor and Jack's attempts at sexual one-upmanship are hilarious. However, it's Rose's plan for rescuing the boys that truly makes this a work of genius. This is easily the funniest fic I've ever read that actually has a plot.

5. None of this has happened before (and none of it will happen again) by netgirl_y2k (SV) - Ten/Rose/Jack reunion fics are a dime, a dozen. What makes this story stand out, though, is that Rose doesn't return to "our" world until twenty-five years after she left. So, this is a middle-aged Rose, dealing with a Doctor, who is aging at the rate of a Time Lord, and Jack, who isn't aging at all. Or, as our ever-smooth Time Lord puts it: "Bloody hell, Rose, how much time has passed for you? You look like your mother. Ow, ow, stop hitting me. Jack, make her stop hitting me."
In general, I wish there were more future!fics about characters who are young-in-canon, during their more mature years.

6. Pawns in the Game by surrexi (PG-13) - I just loved this fic. In the midst of increased rift activity during the Torchwood Season One finale, Rose Tyler appears in the plaza above Torchwood Three. I adored all of Jack and Rose's interactions in this story and their love for each other. I also liked how Rose may actually just be a figment of Jack's imagination throughout, getting him through this "episode". Reworking "End of Days" like this was just a smashing idea: Jack needed someone on his side.

7. Protector by wendymr (PG-13) - I love how wendymr writes Rose, with sensitivity and intelligence. This is Rose, in Pete's World, with only a few mementos of her previous life: a cellphone photo of her and Ten, which Pete had his Torchwood techs clean up, and another photo with Nine and Jack. Strange thing is, though, Jackie recognizes Jack from the photo--except, that doesn't make any sense according to Rose's timeline, right?
I love Rose working out that Jack must have somehow survived Satellite Five and watched her growing up. I also love the brief flashback interaction between Jack and Jackie, both fiercely protective of Rose, in their own way.

7a. wendymr expanded "Protector" in an OT3 novel, The Watching Over Series (PG-13) - scroll down for the beginning entry - in which Rose brings donuts to an interdimensional chat, the Tenth Doctor's Deep Time Lord Denial over not needing a companion leads him to build K-9 Mark Eight, and Rose had a threesome with Jake and Mickey. (The last one proving that she wins at life.)

8. Rose Tyler's History of Sex by misscam (Mature) - Rose has sex at different ages. Really, that's the entire plot of this fic, but misscam manages to accomplish so much within it. misscam's Rose is sensual and passionate and entirely in-character. There's an emotional honesty to this story that's generally lacking in fanfic of any sort and in PWP, in particular. The sexual encounters are not depicted as raw and dirty nor as fluffy and sparkly, just very real. The author does not tell us to feel jealous or sorry for Rose--and we end up feeling a bit of both.

9. Seven Things Rose Tyler Did After Being Reunited with the Doctor by goldy_dollar (PG-13) - goldy_dollar imagines Rose's first week back in Our!World, day by day. Self-described crack!fluff, she had me at the genetically mutated alien hamsters:

On the third day, Rose was kidnapped by a horde of genetically mutated alien hamsters and dangled over a volcano as a sacrifice to their god.

The Doctor attempted to rescue her with the sonic screwdriver, but after he was disarmed and tied up, he settled for yelling threatening things like: “I AM NOT LOSING HER AGAIN!” and “JUST WAIT UNTIL I GET MY HANDS FREE.”

Rose found it oddly sweet.

Thankfully, Donna and Martha kept their heads. Martha set fire to their cheese factory and Donna attacked the remaining hamsters with a bottle of perfume.

Then they ran.

10. They Came to Norway to Eat Our Brains by doyle_sb4 (PG) - Alt!Torchwood at Darlig ulv Stranden has a problem with zombies. More specifically, one (suspected) zombie, who was dead when they found him, dead when he was brought to the morgue, got up and walked around, charmed a nurse into bringing him his coat, and--“What the hell’s he doing on the roof?” I literally laughed out loud at this fic's sparkling, snappy dialogue:

“So,” he said, leaning close, “parallel universe.”


“There another Rose around somewhere?” His grin didn’t just imply something filthy, it added colour illustrations.

“Yes.” She smacked his arm. “She’s got four legs and a wet nose.”


Mickey shushed them both and clamped his phone to his ear. “Sorry, what? Right. We’ve got to wait here till Jake gets the cameras,” he reported. “And he says can I ask if your head would grow back if somebody cut it off.”

“Yes. Don’t ask how I know.”

I just wanted to glomp doyle_sb4 for this story, starring "a little older and a lot more beautiful" Rose.

11. Timelines and All That by sunstar77 (NC-17) - Bit of background here: This fanfic is actually a redo of an earlier version. While I liked the original's superb characterizations and the sizzling hot porn, wendymr and a couple other readers pointed out a logic flaw in the ending of the original story--and I had to agree with them.
Unlike some lesser fic writers, sunstar77 did not throw a hissy fit at the constructive criticism but took it into account and came up with this superior version. Like the first draft, this rewrite maintains the wonderful interactions between Jack and Rose and the way the narrative tone changes from burning hot porn (still there) to melancholy regret at the end. Now, this fic is my favorite one-shot Whoniverse story.

12. The Vertigo Effect by randomdent (PG) - S3 Team TARDIS ends up in Pete's World--and Martha is the first to find Rose:

Martha gave her head a little world-weary shake. "Well, isn't that just like men?" she huffed, indignantly. "We finally get here and all the two of them can talk about is Rose, Rose, Rose– you know, when they're not busy undressing each other with their eyes. Anyway, we finally get here and I bloody well lose the pair of them, find you and they're not even here yet."

"Sorry, are you talking about Mickey and Jake?" Rose asked, struggling to follow the other woman's rant. They were the only boys she could think of that fit that description.

While I'm reccing this as a Rose fic, it still makes you feel wistful for Martha, who, despite everything she's done, is still on the outside of the Doctor's life, looking in.
Shaela Scanlonmls03j on April 21st, 2008 11:05 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I’m always on the lookout for good Rose-centric fic. (I think my favorite is still icebluenothing’s “The Candle That Burns Brightest.”)